Hikes in Chartreuse and Belledonne

Hikes for any people

From our village of Lumbin, at less than 10 minutes, it is possible to perform any kind of hikes that will satify the beginners :

  • The hillside of crolles (Les "Coteaux de Crolles") accessible from the entrance of the Crolles village (5mn from Lumbin by Car).
  • The Bonnet fountain and then the "pass of Baure"; all of this from the Crapanoz village at the top of the Crolles and Bernin Village.
  • The Alloix Waterfalls located at Saint-vincent de mercuze next to "Le Touvet" village (10mn from the Studio by Car).
Dent de Crolles"Dent de Crolles" seen from the valley

And also the experienced hikers :

  • The 7 lakes of "Les 7 laux" that can be performed in three days in the Belledonne mountains in front of the Studio,
  • The tooth of Crolles ("La "dent de Crolles") situated as its name indicate it on top of the Crolles village.

Hikes documentations have been placed in the television furniture and describe itinerary of several hikes that can be done in Chartreuse or Belledonne mountains :

  • During spring or summer, when it has not rained, the hike of The Alloix waterfalls is beautiful.
  • From Crapanoz (on top of Bernin), it is possible to climb on the left side towards the Bonnet fountain, and if you're courageous enough, to ascent to the "pass of Baure" from which you will have a beautiful view over the plateau "des petites roches".
The following blog Oxygen38 lists several hikes that can be performed in the surroundings, with beautiful photos.

The above photo shows also the tooth of Crolles (La "Dent de Crolles") seen from Crolles and Crapanoz.

Hillside of CrollesCrolles seen from the hillside

Family Hikes in the hillside of Crolles

Sunday walks in family can be organized from Crolles in the hillside of Crolles (Les "Coteaux de Crolles") :

  • When coming from Lumbin, and before arriving at the Crolles village (before the first traffic light), park your car at the left side of the road (next to the bike's shop).
  • take the little track in front of the bike's shop.
  • this little track is a twisting road : walk through two twists, and then walk towards the tooth of Crolles waterfalls (in the second bend).

When you arrive at the stream of the "tooth of Crolles waterfalls", a little bridge in concrete allows to cross this little stream :

  • Then it is possible to ascent towards the Waterfalls of the Tooth of Crolles (la "Dent de Crolles"; be careful of the slope, walking shoes are mandatory).
  • instead of climbing towards the waterfalls, always after having crossed the little stream, it is possible (and easier), to continue this hike by using a little track at the left side of the stream, a little bit more higher than the location of the bridge in concrete (20m on top of the bridge).
  • Then you can continue to Crapanoz, or for the most courageous, go towards the postman's track (Le "sentier du facteur").

The following page shows photos of Croix de l'alpe, a beautiful hike next to our studio in chartreuse's moutain.

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