The Chartreuse mountains discovery

 Les "pères chartreux" Monastery

Next to the studio of Lumbin, between the Belledonne mountains and the north plain of "dauphiné"; the Chartreuse mountains is a junction between history and culture.

The "Grande Chartreuse" museum is located at Saint Pierre de Chartreuse :

  • Built 900 years ago, this monastery is inhabited again by "les Pères Chartreux", so the visit of this monastery is forbidden.
  • However, at a few  kilometers, an old house, "la Correrie", has been transformed in a museum and presents the life of "les pères chartreux" and their monastery.
Chartreuse's LiquorThe "pères chartreux" Monastery
The Saint-EynardSaint-Eynard fortress - View over grenoble

The Saint-Eynard Fortress

If you want to see beautiful places and landscapes, you could visit the Barraux fortress or the Saint-Eynard fortress : the ascent with a car from "le Sappey" to the "Saint-Eynard" fortress, will show you at the arrival a splendid view on Grenoble's town in beautiful surroundings.

You could also ascent to "Saint-Hilaire du touvet" from Lumbin by using the funicular (the slopest one of Europe); that way, you will be able to see the paragliding take-off from Saint-Hilaire du touvet.

This Funicular connects Lumbin to Saint-Hilaire du touvet : it has been built in 1924 and performs an ascent of 800m. A fabulous view on Grésivaudan's valley and on the "Oulle" waterfall.

The Saint-même circus

Another magic place in Chartreuse : the "Saint-Même" cricus. Too busy during summer, autumn and spring are the great periods to discover this splendid circus in beautiful surroundings : this is the paradise of the Chartreuse.

You could also appreciate the gardens of "Le Touvet" Castle, next to Lumbin (7km) in the Grésivaudan' valley towards Chambéry.

QuaysView on Saint-Eynard
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