Photos of Studio located in French Alps

The following articles show internal and external photos of the Studio :

  • Outside the studio : this article presents photos of the outside of the studio, with its independent garden : in summer you will be able to use the barbecue with the help of Garden's table and chairs.
  • A Snowy winter : this article shows photos of the studio in winter when snow falls : in january 2010, we had a lot of snow ...
  • The Studio's Garden : this article displays photos of the bed of flowers in front of the studio, that is widely full of flowers since the beginning of spring.
  • The Studio's Equipments : those photos describe the studio's equipments : sofa bed, television furniture, multi-jet shower cabin, air-conditioning.
Snowy gardenSnowy pool of fishes
  • Lounge - fitted kitchen : this article shows photos of the fitted kitchen, along with the lounge and the television furniture.
  • The fountain : this article displays the fountain and the associated pool filled with red fishes and koi carps next to the studio.
  • The pool of fishes : this article shows the pool of fishes filled with red fishes and koi carps.

On the photos at the opposite, you can see the Studio's garden in winter and in spring.

This garden contains a pool of fishes with aquatic flowers in spring ... and snow in winter.

ShrubGarden's Shrub
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