Possible Visits near the Studio of Lumbin

Exceptional natural sites

In the television furniture of your studio, you will find several commercial leaflets on the different places you can visit in the surroundings.

Among others, the following visits can interest all people :

Next to the studio:

  • The 4 days of the "coupe Icare" gliding feast that occurr each year in september : paragliding landing and hot-air balloons take-off appends during those 4 days.
  • A "Lumbin / Saint-hilaire du touvet" funicular allows to join Lumbin to Saint-Hilaire du touvet from which you will be able to see the paragliding taking off and also the fabulous landscape on the Grésivaudan's valley.
  • The visit of the touvet's castle (5 minutes by car).
  • The nature's beauty in the Chartreuse mountains at the "saint-même" circus.
  • The Chambery's visit (The four elephants without any bottom).
Dauphinois museum in GrenobleDauphinois museum of Grenoble
Saint-Même CircusSaint-Même Circus

Visits for children and adults

A little bit further away  :

  • The "dauphinois" museum in Grenoble that describes how people from the "dauphiné" (isère) lived in the 19th century.
  • Visit of The Saint-Eynard fortress.
  • The Laffrey lake.
  • The visit of Annecy's Lake (and particularly the Old Annecy where you will find typical restaurants in beautiful surroundings).
  • The Aix les bains's lake visit.
  • The christmas market of saint-antoine l'abbaye : this beautiful medieval village is now since the beginning of 2010, one of the most "famous village of france", you must visit it even outside the christmas feast.
  • The visit of The choranche's grotto.
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