Paragliding at Lumbin near the Studio

International gliding landing site

Lumbin is an internationally well-known gliding site located at less than 10 minutes by foot from the studio.

On the photos of this page, you can see the landing site of Lumbin and paraglidings and hang-gliders that are currently landing.

If you are enthusiast by the gliding sport, you can have additional informations concerning our partner located at Lumbin Air Alpin, who performs different gliding training sessions and particularly :

  • First flights of "bi-place" paragliding.
  • Paragliding training sessions improvement.
ParaglidingsLanding site of Lumbin
ParaglidingsThe "Coupe Icare" feast at Lumbin

The "coupe icare" gliding feast in september

Each year, in september, a gliding feast lasts 4 days when these activities are performed :

  • Several Acrobatics by planes and helicopters occur.
  • Different stands associated with the gliding sport are located on the landing site.
  • A paragliding disguise competition takes place saturday (the repetition) and sunday (the competition).
Hot-air balloonHot-air balloons take-off
  • A cinema festival of gliding also happens during this feast.
  • Several Hot-air balloons take-off are organized each four days, and particularly the morning and the evening, as you can see that on this left photo.
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